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Year 3



We travelled back in time when we read ‘Stone Age Boy’ and   began to investigate this period in history by exploring the cave drawings that have been discovered in many parts of the world. We have learned so much about the prehistoric civilisations from the artwork that they left behind.


What better way to start the school year than making our own prehistoric paint with dirt, oils and foraged berries and plants!


We then explored a range of drawing techniques and used different mediums such as charcoal and chalk drawn on to textured paper to replicate a cave wall.




We studied rocks and soils as part of our Science curriculum. We learned how fossils are formed and recreated our own from clay. We created a mould fossil of an ammonite and a cast fossil of a dinosaur. The sculpting skills we used enabled the clay fossils to look very realistic. 


Can you imagine finding a real fossil?  

Textile Art

Textile art is used for decorative purposes. We knew that later on in the term, we would be decorating a bauble that we were going to make in our design and technology lessons. 


We began by learning how to thread a needle and then practised a simple stitch. We continued to perfect the running stitch on a material called binca. 


Finally, we showed our support for Children in Need by sewing a new patch for Pudsey!