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What are we trying to achieve through our curriculum…

At Ryhope Junior School, we believe that is it important for pupils to understand the world around them, so we explore what people believe and how this impacts on how they live. This allows children to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of life.

Our R.E. curriculum allows children to discover and gain an insight into religions within the world that we live. The curriculum design ensures that every pupil has equal opportunities to access and engage with a broad and balanced RE syllabus, taking their individual needs and backgrounds into account.



How our curriculum is delivered…

Our school follows the Sunderland Agreed Syllabus which utilises RE Today. Units of work for each year group have been sequenced through the curriculum to ensure progression of skills and fluidity of content, knowledge and understanding. Each unit of work has an overarching question and is carefully structured to build on children’s prior knowledge. Each unit of work covers the core elements of religious and non-religious beliefs. Children are given opportunities to make connections between these concepts, practices, and ideas.

Pupils at Ryhope Junior School develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through learning about the following religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. Pupils will also encounter worldviews in a thematic unit.


Pupils learn about these religions through a variety of teaching and learning styles as well as through carefully planned curriculum visits outside of school as well as inviting visitors into school to develop children’s knowledge and provide enriching contextual experiences.



The difference our curriculum is making…

Through learning about a range of religions and non-religious beliefs, children are able to develop and awareness and positive attitude towards the religions within our school, city, region and beyond. Our children are able understand how different beliefs might be different to their own.


Our pupils will reflect on a range of religions and develop respect, empathy, and tolerance towards different faiths, beliefs, and worldviews. They will then transfer these skills by appreciating diversity in the community and the wider world.


The RE curriculum at Ryhope Junior School allows children to develop their critical thinking skills which are transferable to the wider community. Children are able to give their views and opinions as well as give reason for their thinking and understanding.


We measure the impact of the RE curriculum in a variety of ways including observations, questioning, discussions, end of unit quizzes and subject leader monitoring.


Overall, RE at Ryhope Junior School ensures that pupils leave with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become respectful and engaged citizens in a diverse and multicultural society.