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PSHE including RSE

At Ryhope Junior School, the teaching of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) will enable our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We aim to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially and tackle moral and cultural issues that are part of growing up.

We provide our children with opportunities for them to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society. Our children are encouraged to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community.


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) 

In our school, we teach children about:


  • The physical development of their bodies as they grow into adults;
  • The way humans reproduce from an age-appropriate perspective;
  • Ways of respecting their own bodies and the importance of a committed, long-term, and loving relationship;
  • The importance of family life;
  • Moral questions;
  • Relationship issues;
  • Respect for the views of other people;
  • Any forms of abuse and what they should do if they are worried about any forms of relationship issues.


We teach about sex in the context of the school’s aims and values. This includes an understanding that:

  • Healthy relationships;
  • RSE. is part of a wider process of social, personal, spiritual and moral education;
  • Children should be taught to have respect for their own bodies;
  • Children should learn about their responsibilities to others and be aware of the consequences of sexual activity;
  • It is important to build positive relationships with others, involving trust and respect;
  • Children need to learn the importance of self-control.

Examples of PSHE Resources/Work at Ryhope Junior School

Parental Responses to the introduction of RSE (parent consultation - March 2021):


"I agree that it is necessary as children are growing up too quickly."


"I don't want my child going to secondary school with misconceptions about sexual issues." 


"I like that I have been asked about this. It's important for my child to know about this. I try and support at home but would like it followed up at school."

Statutory Guidance for RSHE

Bullying Information - produced by RJS children for RJS children